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Lil Brother Family Home Maintenance Program

By Joining the Lil’ Brother Family Home Maintenance Program you will eliminate the hassle of finding the time, tools and the skills to ensure your home is safely and regularly maintained, allowing you to avoid some costly preventative repairs and the most common household insurance claims. You can spend your time on the people and things you love and have the peace of mind knowing your household investment is safe in Lil Brother's hands.

We conduct a home evaluation to customize your home maintenance package. Our basic package will include a semi-annual Home Prevention & Safety Assessment and a Spring and Fall annual Home Service Maintenance Visits, - all for a budget friendly monthly fee.

By joining the Lil Brother Family you will receive other Family Benefits including priority scheduling, family discounted rates on any remodeling project and no trip fee or home assessment fees for smaller handyman projects. Join the family today by scheduling your home evaluation.

What Does the Home Evaluation include?

Lil Brother Certified Home Inspectors will walk through your entire home and document what type of furnace you have; what type of filters are needed, how many smoke detectors you have, what type of batteries are required, if you have a CO2 detector and where is it located, where are your sump pumps and are they working. We will look at your dryer vent and where it is vented, your outdoor water spigots, gutters and downspouts, AC unit and your garage door. We will then sit down with you and design your personalized custom home maintenance plan.

What Does the Home Prevention & Safety Assessment include?

Twice a year Lil Brother’s Home Certified Inspectors conduct a Home Prevention & Safety Assessments. During these visits we will examine 35 area of your home that cause the some of the most-costly preventative repairs and the common household insurance claims. While we are there assessing your home, we will change your furnace filter, clean your lint trap and your rangehood filter.

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What Does the Spring and Fall Home Maintenance and Service include?

  • Change Furnace Filter
  • Change Smoke Detector Batteries
  • Change CO2 Batteries
  • Clean Rangehood Filter
  • Clean Dryer Vent
  • Clean Gutters & Downspouts
  • Redirect Gutter Downspout Extensions
  • Clean Air Conditioner Condenser
  • Clean All Vents from Debris
  • Lube Garage Door Bearings and Joints
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